Innovative Solutions to Irrigation and Environmental Problems
From Consultation and design to Installation
A complete service for the irrigation of crops, plants and lawns. Consultation and design. Installation of systems including sites works and infastructure. Site surveys and advice on the suitability of systems and methods to achive economical and optimum watering.

Hydroponic Systems
A flexible and extendible package.
Protected commercial hydroponic growing methods designed to client and local requirements. Leads to self sufficiency and reduces the need for importation of fresh produce. A fully automated system for plant production which economises on water and energy. Locally available materials are used wherever possible. Systems can be installed with local labour utilising Duntech supervision. Foreign exchange requirements can therefore be reduced.



In all disciplines Duntech will carryout site surveys, drawings, bill of quantities and feasibility studies.
The installation, management and commissioning of systems.
Reed Beds

Rhizobiotic Effluent Treatment Systems
Nature's own biological effluent treatment system - developed and managed for the efficient treatment of biodegradeable effluents.

Minimal maintenance - Aesthetically pleasing - Environmentally rewarding - Appreciating asset.
Suitable for primary and tertiary treatments. Simple to construct from local materials but does require adequte land and careful management and development. Flexible to loads and volumes once established.

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